One Night, The Rain….
A 30 minute performance of storytelling, live music, dance and puppetry. Based on the short story Maria dos Prazeres, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Created by Les Manouches.
Directed and dramaturged by Aktina Stathaki
Music by Jerome Simeon
Performances by Aktina Stathaki, Jerome Simeon.

Using live music,poetry, puppets, dance and storytelling, we dramatize the
story of Maria- a 76-year old prostitute who lives the last years of her life preparing
for her death until, in a lonely rainy night, a random encounter with a young man changes
her life.


The play premiered on May 23rd 2009 at the Pearl Theatre in Hamilton, ON. With Aktina Stathaki, Jerome Simeon, Valeri Kay, Tanis McArthur and Paula Grove. In collaboration with Artword theatre and Pearl Theatre.

At the same time One Night, The Rain.. was selected as part of the BoCoCa Arts Festival in Brooklyn and performed in July 2009. With Aktina Stathaki, Jerome Simeon, Jillian Johnson, Cassandra Weston and Lilly Hayes.

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