Looking for Technical Production staff for Between the Seas festival

June 26, 2011

Between the Seas festival is looking for  designers and lighting/sound technicians to work as technical production staff during the festival (August 29th to Sept. 4th 2011). While this is a non-paid position, it is a great opportunity to meet and work with NY and international artists and get hands on experience in a demanding professional performance setting. We are looking for people who will be interested in our mission and enthusiastic to support us in our inaugurate edition and with whom we can build long-term collaborations.

We need:
– 2 lighting designers/board operators, that will work closely with the invited companies, assist with their lighting needs and operate the lighting board during the shows. Experience in design and previous work in a festival setting is highly desirable.
-2 sound board operators to work closely with the performers and musicians, help with all their sound needs and operate the board during shows. Experience working with concert artists is required.
-2 technical directors to overview all production needs and work and be the point of contact between artists, technical staff and the festival organizers. The position is ideal for someone with enough technical experience who wants to take the next step into technical direction.

The successful candidates will be resourceful, able to think quickly and come up with ideas and solutions and work within the time and technical restrictions of a festival setting.
For theater technical specifications please visit: http://www.thewildproject.com/rentals/index.shtml
For more information and to submit a brief cover letter and resume please email lesmanouchestheatre@gmail.com
To find out about the festival visit http://www.betweentheseas.org


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